About Me

I have always had a passion for art since a young age. Throughout school it was always my favourite subject, all the way until now where I am studying a degree.

My Work
Originally my work was about human existence through a form of a bubble. The bubble was used as a tool for representing a person’s thoughts and memories; almost as a glimpse into their past life.

My recent work is about the exploration of breath and time through a form of a bubble. In a way I am still looking at the human existence but in a more physical sense of our breath and time. I like to use my process to record duration and repetitiveness of a single breath as well as looking at how many breaths there are within a certain time period.

“Breath is life. Breath is key to all human activity. Breath is essential to survival. We breathe or we die. Yet breath is rarely examined.” Cicely Barry. We breathe around 15 breaths a minute, 900 breaths an hour and 20,000 breaths a day.

My Career
As well as having a passion for creating and exploring my own art work. I like to use art as a tool for helping people who may struggle to communicate verbally or to express their feelings. I decided being an Art Therapist is my career goal, I am about to study to become an art therapist and can not wait to be able to learn about the subject and also to learn about myself. 

2014- MA Art Therapy, University of Derby

2011- 2014- BA Fine Art, University of Northampton.

2009-2011- BTEC National Diploma Art and Design, Central Bedfordshire College.

2008-2009- BTCE First Diploma Art and Design, Central Bedfordshire College.